We're Hiring!

The Placentia Presbyterian Church is looking to immediately hire a part-time non-ordained Minister for students to lead a comprehensive ministry for students and family in grades seven through college.  This position is on-average 25 hours per week, at $25/hour. 

This person will have select responsibilities including:

  • Student ministry on Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings,
  • Oversight of student fundraising activities,
  • Coordinate and supervise summer student internship and teen volunteer program, in collaboration with local non-profit organization (Solidaritynpo.org),  
  • Coordinate and attend winter and summer retreats.    

This position requires strong skills in:  administration, oral and written communication, relational, time management, innovation, social media, and multiculturalism. 

The candidate will have a minimum of 3 years of proven experience working with youth / teens, a degree in a related field is desired.

Please send resume to